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Q : Can your company offer the catalog?+ Open

Yes.UKK can offer you catalog free of charge at your expense. At first, we suggest you can browse our website  

Q : Does your company have promotion price?+ Open

 Yes, We will support you expanding the business and give you special prices for trial, and believe you will be satisfied with our high quality.

Q : In which countries have your current cooperation agencies?+ Open

UKK current agencies spreading in five continents、Our main goal is to become a well-known international brand.

Q : Cutting Tool Condition+ Open

1. While using our end mills for the first time, please according to  used cutting experience value with stably cutting situation and raised feed revolutions step by step. If you have any question please contact with our technical department.

2. Before using end mills please examine swing as well, the tolerance of the precision must be within 0.01mm, cutter suggest rectified before used.
3. When user choosing chucks, holder, please make sure adopt high accuracy、high precision and high pure steels of balancing chucks set.
4. Please pay attention to the cutter length of end mill may shorter than chuck while using, please slow down the rotation feeding speed, or cutting quantity if the outside part of the cutting tool is longer.
5. During the processing, if unusual vibration or noise, please transfer and lower the rotational speed of the main shaft , feed speed and cutting amount one by one, until the situation is improved.
6. Using A1-TiN is the best for cooling steel in spray or jet mode, for stainless steel, Titanium alloy, and heat resisting alloy, we recommend using insoluble cutting liquid.
7.  In order to prevent the flute edge from processing in two times with cutting to cause the breakage, therefore please follow the same direction in cutting route for reaching the best rate of utilization.
8.  Cutting conation will depend on work piece, machine, software and user’s experience, there are different results of cutting, and the above proposals are only for reference.

Q : 使用建議事項+ Open

1.  初次使用本刀具時,請按使用經驗值試切削,切削狀況穩定後,再將進給速度慢慢調昇,直到最佳切削狀態,若有疑問請向本公司技術部門洽詢.

2.  刀具使用時,請測刀具偏擺,刀具偏擺精度超過0.01mm時,請改正後再行使用.
3.  使用者在選擇夾頭組(夾治具)時,請務必採用高精度、高鋼性,動態平衡較佳之刀把夾頭組.
4.  使用刀具時,請注意刀具伸出夾頭之長度越短越好,刀具伸出量若伸出較長時,請自行調降轉速、進給速度或切削量.
5.  在切削中,如果產品異常之震動或聲音時,請逐一調降主軸轉速、進給速度與切削量,直到情況改善為止.
6.  鋼料冷卻以噴霧式或噴氣式為最佳,以使用氮化鋁鈦發揮最佳效果,不鏽鋼、鈦合金或耐熱合金建議採用不水溶性切削液.
7.  為了防止刀刃與切削產生二次切削,因而產生刀刃斷裂,為了避免過切之情況發生,請用順铣方式進行切削以達最佳使用率.
8.  切削方式依工件、機器、軟件、使用者經驗、觀念,或有不同切削效果,以上建議事項僅供參考.

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